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Daryl Lister, MC, EMDR Therapist.

Hi, my name is Daryl Lister.  I am New England (Vermont), born and raised and graduated from Arizona State University, with a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry.  My professional career spans over 25 years with varying Senior Management roles in the sales, servicing and loss mitigation Mortgage operations industry.  In 2009, I decided to pursue my lifelong passion of “helping” and attended Capella University, where I obtained a Masters in Mental Health Counseling.  The internship portion of the program was life changing.

Pursuing the path to healthy mental health is a very personal decision.  The deliberate act of engaging and trusting another person to help with that journey is courageous.  My approach when working with clients, focuses on honesty, truth, trust and healing.  Everyone deserves to live the very best life possible.  I utilize the person-centered approach, cognitive behavior and have been trained in EMDR.  I believe the combination of my professional work experience and my ability to apply credible, validated, mental health theories will enable you to achieve your treatment goals.

My profound commitment to all clients is that you will always be in a ‘safe space’.  One that will allow you to share your personal experiences and one that will promote absolute transparency.  You will have the opportunity to experience a healthy journey towards lifelong happiness and success.  There will be no judgment, no shaming, no stigma, and no fear! 

I am a father of 4 wonderful children (3 sons, 1 daughter).  I enjoy golf, travelling, attending sporting events and I have written and recorded rap songs.

Additional Advanced Trainings​​

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) - Deany Laliotis

Come see me at our Gilbert Location.

Call 480.448.1076 or e-mail to schedule a free 15-minute consult!

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