Dr. Chante Pantila, LPC,

Approved Consultant

and Certified EMDR Clinician

AZTRN Steering Committee


I believe in you! I am here to help you along your path. Creating changes allows for healing, growth, and essentially happiness. Total health of the mind and body is a lifelong process. I use an integrative approach to address negative core beliefs that are driving behaviors and feelings.

I obtained a Doctorate in Behavioral Health from Arizona State University. The degree focused on training master’s level clinicians in the treatment of both the mental and physical health, as the two are interconnected. I believe in a holistic approach to treatment and I sought to further my education to better treat my clients. I wanted the experience of working the medical field to get a better idea of how people present concerns in the primary care setting. I also observed the need for a clinician of this nature.  I became more familiar with the presentation and treatment if psychosomatic symptoms, as people have physical ailments related to stress or depression and also how mental health is affected by diabetes, heart disease, and chronic pain. As part of the curriculum, I conducted a study using EMDR in the medical setting, which resulted in subjects reporting lower levels of distress.

EMDR is an integrative approach to treatment and differs from other types of psychotherapy because it utilizes the mind and body to reprocess traumatic experiences. I am EMDR certified, which allows me to assist people in addressing significant experiences that shape the personality and allows for proper healing.

I have been working in the counseling field for a few years now. I have experience working with children and families, substance abuse, relationships, and trauma. I have worked with people for 15 years in many several capacities, which allowed me to experience different demographics. I work with you to better heal and move forward from traumatic events. EMDR, along with my extensive knowledge in behavioral health, can help you meet your therapeutic goals. I am passionate about what I do and I believe in the techniques and theories I use in my practice. I have seen the power of change and watched clients move towards happiness. I would love to assist you along the way.

I own and operate Creating Changes LLC.