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Therapy Cash Fee's:

Individual Intake Session - $200
Masters Level Intern - $100
Associate Licensed Therapist - $120 - $140
Independently Licensed Therapist - $150 - $225
Couples Session - $140 - $225

Naturopathic Cash Fee's:

Naturopathic Care Intake - $399
Naturopathic Follow Up - $150 - $185
Initial Acupuncture Intake - $150
Acupuncture Follow Up - $100

Biocommunication Cash Fee's:

Biocommunication - $80
Biocommunication for Vets & First Responders - $25


Infinite Healing and Wellness is an Out of Network Provider. We do provide a once-a-month super bill that clients can submit to insurance for reimbursement. We also accept health savings and flex spending accounts.

Payment - We accept Cash, Debit Cards, Flex Spending Accounts, and Health Spending Accounts.

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Infinite Healing and Wellness does not provide any money back guarantees or refunds due to the nature of its services. Refunds (if any) are at the absolute discretion of Infinite Healing and Wellness and only in the form of credit for Infinite Healing and Wellness services. 

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