Interested in Joining our Team?

Being part of our team offers many benefits!

We meet for weekly consultation and collaboration for staffing. We also provide Certification and Approved Consultant Consultation for EMDR Professional Development. There are  team building events such as organized retreats on Motor Yacht Dopamine and many social activities like painting parties! In addition annual awards are provided such as - training money, gift cards and even vacations!

Some of our business benefits include: supervision, shared resources, administrative support, marketing, business cards, website advertising, social media presence, EMR, and business consultation in addition to providing our therapists with ample client referrals.

You'll work in a beautiful space, have networking access, clinical tools, office 365, IT support, a computer if needed, and much more! 

*Covid-19 Vaccination Required to be part of IHW Crew

Here's What To Do

Please send a short video (5 minutes or less) introducing yourself and answering the

following questions:

1. What do you think is the most important trait in an excellent therapist? Do you exhibit that trait and how?
2. How would others describe your personality?
3. What would you say is your greatest opportunity for growth?
4. What is a valuable lesson a client has taught you?
5. Why do you think we are an EMDR Center for Excellence?
6. What do you like to do for fun?

If you pass this video screening, we will invite you to an individual interview either by Teams or in person.

If you are invited to the next phase, you will move on to the group interview with our team.

For that interview, you will have need to read the very short book, "The Big 5 for Life" and be prepared to share with our team your PFE and Big 5!

We look forward to meeting you soon! 

Please send your video & resume to