Miriam Uriarte, MSC, CCTP, EMDR Clinician.

"Tending to your garden allows to not only cut the weeds, but actually go deep and remove them from the root, for the possibility of new soil, planting new seeds and tending them to grow.” Therapy is the process; we explore and relearn unhelpful patterns and limited beliefs that are not serving us. We will work together to replace those unhelpful patterns and beliefs  with new beliefs, and actions. Together we will learn how to nurture these new beliefs and actions in order to create the life you have dreamt of and were meant to have! In my last 10 years as a counselor, I have learned to integrate many modalities including EMDR Therapy, mindfulness, and at times include body work to connect all parts of you. I also practice Yoga Therapy for those interested specifically that modality.


I began my journey as a child therapist, and noticed I wanted to include the family systems, which then lead me to parenting and individual work. My passion is to empower families! At times this may look like empowering couples, other times mothers wanting to build self-esteem or fathers who want to improve their leadership role in the home & work life. I prefer having children attend with their parents/at least one parent (for the first 3-5 sessions) for parents to know what children are working on, to have accountability and be in the same page. I specialize in trauma whether it is episodic (single event) or on-going (environmental) which will lead to other symptoms including self-esteem issues, body image, depression, anxiety and interruption in relationships. 


I am a mother of two amazing teenagers and was raised in a very close Mexican family and continue to be close to my parents and nieces. At times I may understand what you are going through when not, we will explore it together. I am excited and look forward seeing your inner wisdom come out and guide you, as it was within you all this time. 

Additional Advanced Trainings​​

  • EMDR Therapy Level UP: Enhance Client Buy in and Upgrade Treatment Outcomes - Kelly O'Horo