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EMDR and Parenthood

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

The transition to becoming a parent is both thrilling and long anticipated for many. Inviting that new little life into your family can be an amazing experience, full of love and wonder.

This big change can also show us sides of ourselves that we weren't prepared for. Sadness, irritability, worry, and rage are all common emotions for new parents to feel. Kiddos find a way to trigger every single part of us as humans. They push buttons that we weren't aware we had until we find ourselves holding a screaming newborn at 3:00 am. With our capacity being pushed to the maximum, we become filled with emotions in a way we have never experienced. Why does this happen?

Experiencing trauma throughout our life wires our brains to react strongly to certain stimuli. You may have been able to manage these reactions before introducing children to the mix, but then suddenly you weren't. Children are overstimulating and demand attention and resources, which can leave little leftover for you. Balancing all of this can be especially difficult if you have experienced trauma in your past.

EMDR therapy can be incredibly helpful for caregivers who are experiencing difficulties with their mental health during this sensitive time. It can increase your capacity to manage the things thrown at you each day. During EMDR therapy, we can process the trauma you have experienced in your past, which will help you better manage your daily stressors and be more present with loved ones in your life.


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