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I Am Your Subconscious, Do You Hear Me?

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

As you read this consciously, your subconscious is barking at you in the background. “I’m not worthy.” “I’m not good enough.” While your conscious mind scrambles to make sense of the pain in your back, in your neck, the fact that you cannot sleep, or you have no appetite. What prevents our subconscious from connecting with our conscious? We live our lives on a conscious level. We notice we have a bodily sensation, so we rush to our doctor yearning to find out what is “wrong” with us. Meanwhile, our subconscious holds all our most valuable information. Like Bessel Vanderkolk says, “The Body Keeps the Score.” Maybe you are a mom of 3, juggling work, school, and a husband. Maybe you are a single dad, navigating work-life balance. Maybe you are a kid in school, struggling with inattention and impulsivity. Whatever the case may be, deep down your body and subconscious holds the answers, you just need a way to unlock that so your conscious mind can become aware.

Our physical body is a great messenger. Our body hears us, even when our brain tunes us out.

The good news is, there are ways to help our subconscious unmet needs meet our conscious mind.

Through a mindful practice we can unite the two; through Biocommunication using Evox Technology - we can bring to the surface what has been buried behind survival techniques. We do not have to reside in a state of fight, flight or freeze. We can thrive. Biocommunication is the art of picking up on the subtle - underlying - emotional tone. Our words have meaning, but so does our tone - and often, the two may not be consciously connected. Our tone more closely identifies with our subconscious or emotional unacknowledged information. Often, our tone is really the indicator of how we feel. Our words, however, more closely identify with the parts of us that want to people please and keep the peace or our conscious minds. Fortunately, biocommunication allows us to have a clearer understanding of what is hanging on that thread and hidden from our awareness. Maybe your back hurts because you carry too much? Maybe you cannot sleep because you have unresolved childhood trauma? Whatever the case, there is clarity if we slow down enough to pay attention and really listen. Biocommunication assists us with shifting our mindset so we can gain that clarity. It provides connections and gives us an opportunity to release things that are stuck in our subconscious.


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