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Pregnancy and Postpartum: How EMDR Therapy Can Help

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

The pregnancy and postpartum periods are full of different challenges. As a pregnant individual, your body experiences many physical and hormonal changes. During pregnancy, women can expect to experience fatigue, weight gain, nausea, and many other symptoms. Experiencing these changes in your body can impact mental health in many ways. Being unable to participate in your favorite activities due to fatigue, having limited food choices due to nausea, and not feeling comfortable in your own body are some examples of how pregnancy may be impacting your mental health.

There are additional changes that happen following the birth of your baby that can negatively impact mental health. It is common for women to experience a period of "baby blues" after giving birth to their child. Baby blues can consist of things like crying, mood swings, and difficulty sleeping. Before you know it, baby blues may have turned into a depressive episode triggered by the significant change in hormones that occurs after delivery. Many women expect the postpartum period to be full of love, joy, and newborn snuggles, so it can be quite the surprise when it is clouded by depression or anxiety. The good news? EMDR Therapy can help.

There are many ways EMDR Therapy can help improve your pregnancy and postpartum experience. One of the things we work on in therapy is improving your capacity to manage daily tasks. Having a child pushes you to your limits. Increasing your capacity to manage stress, anxiety, and frustration can significantly improve the quality of your life.

Along with increasing your capacity comes developing coping skills. Even after increasing your capacity, stress is going to happen. How are you dealing with it? With EMDR therapy, we can work on ways to manage the stress, sleepless nights, and sudden change in routine that are bound to come with having a newborn.

Additionally, we often focus on the things that are triggering your symptoms of depression or anxiety. When entering parenthood, many people find that caretaking can bring up old wounds that didn't heal properly. This can cause parents to have intense reactions to crying, whining, or other typical behaviors of their children.

Using EMDR therapy, we can address your triggers, find the source, and work on healing what is causing you pain. Parenting your children without having these intense emotional reactions to your children may seem out of reach but healing through EMDR therapy can allow you to be a more patient and present parent.

The thought of therapy can be a scary one. No matter where you are in your parenthood journey, the therapists at Infinite Healing & Wellness are here to provide a safe, judgment free place where you can openly discuss the things bothering you most.

Interested in more information? Schedule a free 15 min consult to learn more! With offices in Gilbert & Phoenix Arizona, our therapists are ready to help you achieve your limitless potential. Call 480.448.1076 today!

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