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Resentment as a Result of Poor Boundaries

Updated: Jun 27

Resentment is a feeling of anger, bitterness, or disappointment towards someone or something, often as a result of perceived unfairness or mistreatment. Poor boundaries can contribute to feelings of resentment in a number of ways, as they can lead to a breakdown in communication, an imbalance in power dynamics, and a disregard for personal needs and values.

Boundaries are the physical, emotional, and psychological limits we set for ourselves in order to maintain our sense of self and protect our well-being. When we have poor boundaries, we may struggle to communicate our needs, assert ourselves in relationships, and prioritize our own interests. This can result in us feeling resentful when others don't respect our limits or when we compromise our own values to accommodate others.

One common source of resentment from poor boundaries is the failure to establish clear and effective communication. When boundaries are unclear, misunderstandings can arise, leading to hurt feelings and conflict. For example, if you have poor boundaries with your co-worker, you may feel resentful when they take credit for your ideas or make unreasonable demands on your time.

Another aspect of poor boundaries is an imbalance in power dynamics. When one person has too much control or influence over the other, resentment can grow as the person with less power feels that their needs and desires are being ignored or dismissed. This dynamic can play out in many different types of relationships, such as in a romantic partnership, with a boss or co-worker, or even with friends or family members.

Lastly, poor boundaries can result in neglecting our own needs and values. When we don't set clear boundaries, we may find ourselves constantly compromising our own interests and desires to accommodate others. This can lead to feelings of resentment as we feel like we are constantly sacrificing our own well-being for the benefit of others.

As stated, resentment can be a result of poor boundaries in many ways, from a breakdown in communication, an imbalance in power dynamics, to neglecting our own needs and values. It is essential to set clear boundaries in order to protect our well-being and maintain healthy relationships with others. By setting and enforcing clear limits, we can reduce the risk of resentment and cultivate a more fulfilling and satisfying life. If you are interested in working on improving your boundaries, assertiveness, and relationships, we can help at Infinite Healing and Wellness in Phoenix and Gilbert.

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