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EMDR Therapy Treatment

In Gilbert & Phoenix AZ

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Our Services

At Infinite Healing and Wellness, an EMDR Center for Excellence in both Gilbert and Phoenix Arizona, we provide a variety of counseling services to help you achieve your limitless potential.

We are an EMDR Therapy Center for Excellence and see our clients through a lens that assumes we are all doing the best we can with what we've learned based on our genetics and our environments. Understanding the full comprehensive picture of what is going on in you and in your environment helps you to reach your most optimal self. Through EMDR Therapy, we learn what clients are doing in their lives personally and interpersonally and help them identify things that are helpful and not so helpful.

No two people are the same. Each client at Infinite Healing and Wellness, with the help of their therapist, develops a personalized treatment plan to assist them with their healing and growing journey. Infinite's services are designed to meet you where you are and provide you with a variety of opportunities to heal and grow. EMDR Therapy incorporates many other modalities and techniques from them such as Mindfulness, IFS, Sensorimotor, and Somatic Experiencing. As EMDR Therapists, we learn about your attachment histories in addition to your present story and help to put your picture together, heal through your unresolved memories, and become the most adaptive version of yourself.

We are grateful to join you on your healing journey!

What Makes Our EMDR Counseling Center Different?

Our EMDR Therapists are specialists in trauma and attachment. We require all our counselors to obtain advanced training in EMDR Therapy, Attachment, and Dissociation. This allows our clinicians to approach each case with the awareness that every emotional experience is important and must be met with exquisite attunement. Our EMDR counselors in both the Phoenix and Gilbert locations attend meetings two times a week to consult on cases and collaborate to ensure best practices. We treat people from a whole family perspective as we cannot treat clients in “a vacuum.” We are all part of larger systems and working with a team ensures that all members have the appropriate support should they need it.

For directions to our Phoenix location, please click here.

For directions to our Gilbert location, please click here.

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​2563 S. Val Vista Dr. Suite
108 Gilbert, AZ 85295


1440 E. Missouri Ave. Suite 270 Phoenix, AZ 85014

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