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Aaron Hartman, Client Coordinator

Hello! My name is Aaron Hartman and I am the client coordinator here at Infinite Healing and Wellness. I am currently in graduate school at Divine Mercy University pursuing my masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling to one day be a counselor myself! I am married to my beautiful wife Emily and because of some amazing experiences in each of our lives we have decided to one day adopt all our future children. I am passionately driven to one day help people achieve the flourishing they desire and am excited to begin my training as a counselor in a few years. The adverse experiences in my life have led me to see that past suffering and difficulties and the corresponding trauma can be heavily burdensome for any person and I want to utilize my time, skills, and empathy to help those along the way towards flourishing.  In the meantime, I will support whoever walks through our doors in any way I can so don’t be afraid to reach out!

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