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Bianca Giurgiu, LCSW, EMDR Certified Therapist, DBT Therapist

I’m Bianca Giurgiu, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and EMDR therapist. I am passionate about helping survivors of trauma reach a place of relief, recovery and hope. Seeking counseling and support can be intimidating yet the bravest step you'll take in beginning your healing journey. I have experience with a wide array of challenges - anxiety, depression, complex PTSD, addiction as well as grief and loss. 

I am comfortable with all ages: adults, adolescents and children. One of my areas of expertise include providing therapy to adoptive children and their families as well as adult adoptees. I utilize a variety of therapeutic modalities and will closely work with you to customize a treatment plan that you feel would best serve your needs; I am moved by how powerful and effective EMDR can be in helping people process trauma, loss and grief. I am also utilizing Family Systems & Attachment Theory while always working from a Trauma Responsive Lens.

In working with you, I am warm, genuine, collaborative and strength based. I will take you where you’re at, holding safe space for all of your emotions while also challenging you to step into uncharted territory where real growth unfolds.

Additional Advanced Trainings​​

  • Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol - Julie Russomanno

  • EMDR Therapy Level UP: Enhance Client Buy in and Upgrade Treatment Outcomes - Kelly O'Horo

  • Healing the Wounds of Attachment and Rebuilding Self - Deany Laliotis

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