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Using Zyto Software


Biocommunication is a unique modality we offer at IHW. The purpose of biocommunication is to help assist with the release of blocked or "stuck" emotions related to current distress. It is a perception reframing tool that accommodates the client in processing emotions being protected behind natural defense mechanisms. 

Helps With

Biocommunication is perfect in conjunction with EMDR Therapy. The Scan allows the client to bring subconscious emotional feelings to the surface to meet the conscious - creating more harmony within the client.  ​
The Zyto Scan process is roughly 50 minutes. You can expect to come in, sit back and relax, while the software is working. After the session you will receive an email containing your perception index - and detailed information. Biocommunication scans work best on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. *Links below for more detailed information on the Zyto Scan and how it works! 

What To Expect