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Kelly O'Horo, LPC, EMDR Facilitator, Approved Consultant, Certified EMDR Clinician, Certified Daring Way Facilitator, Founder of Infinite Healing and Wellness, and Host: Adaptable Behavior Explained.

I’m Kelly O’Horo, MC, NCC, and am the founder of Infinite Healing & Wellness.  I’ve been a counselor since 2008 and bring objectivity, perspective, and compassion to assist with this journey. I have 5 children, 3 of whom have military backgrounds, that being said, I know a thing or two about trauma personally speaking.


In addition, I'm on the Faculty for The Center for Excellence in EMDR Therapy as a Facilitator, I'm an Approved Consultant, and Certified EMDR Therapist with EMDRIA.


I'm also a Certified Daring Way Facilitator and love to incorporate the work of Dr. Brené Brown into my counseling practice. I believe in lifelong learning and understand that we all are just doing the best we can with what we know! Formerly a teacher, I am able to assist with the education that must take place in order to better see the adaptive patterns present in your life. This process is about learning, then unlearning, and relearning something more helpful! Each person is unique, and I will work to provide a nurturing atmosphere to help you facilitate healing, strength, accountability, forgiveness, and boundary setting, allowing you to experience “limitless opportunity for growth.”


Additional Advanced Trainings

  • Feeling State Addiction Protocol-Robert Miller

  • Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol-Maria Masciandaro

  • Mindful Resonance with EMDR Therapy-Irene Siegel

  • Treating First Responders and Betrayal Trauma with EMDR-Robbie Tapia

  • Treating Complex Trauma with EMDR Therapy: Working with the Body and Attachment -Deany Laliotis

  • Treating Early Attachment Wounds with Sensorimotor and EMDR Therapy-Lana Epstein

  • EGO State Therapy, Healing the Heart of Trauma and Dissociation-Carol Forgash

  • Emotion Focused Couples Therapy Externship-Susan Johnson

  • The Art and Science of Love Gottman 2 Day Workshop

  • Implicit Trauma Protocol Training-Katie O’Shea

  • Healing the Wounds of Attachment and Rebuilding Self-Deany Laliotis

  • Structural Dissociation Training-Sara Jenkins

  • Dance of Attachment: An EMDR Relational Approach - Deany Laliotis

  • Relational EMDR Therapy: Taking the Journey to the Next Level - Deany Laliotis

  • ​​Simplifying Complex PTSD: New Treatment Approaches and EMDR 2.0 - Ad de Johngh, Ph.D and Suzy Matthijssen, Ph.D

  • Treating First Responders and Military with EMDR Therapy: Foundations for Effective EMDR Treatment - Dr E.C. Hurley

  • US Journal International Conference and Trauma and Addiction 2019 - Bessel Van der Kolk, Janina Fisher Ph.D, Alan Downs Ph.D.

  • EMDRIA ANNUAL CONFERENCES 2019, 2017, 2015, 2013

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