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An EMDR Therapy Center For Excellence
Gilbert & Phoenix, AZ

Infinite Healing & Wellness Team

Our Mission

We provide an exceptional psychotherapy experience which allows our clients to reach their limitless potential, while recognizing that the strength that lies within is our most priceless attribute. We empower our clients with unconditional positive regard and foster the process by providing a mental health retreat! Becoming one’s most optimal self is a luxury that every human deserves!

What We Are

Infinite Healing and Wellness LLC is a collaborative counseling practice and wellness center, located in Gilbert and Phoenix AZ, designed to serve children, families, teens, adults and couples and cater to first responders and military veterans and their families.  As people committed to growth in our own lives, we understand and appreciate the effort required to create change. We won't ask you to go anywhere we haven't gone ourselves. Whether you come to us as a client or a participant in one of our classes or groups, we know that what you will gain insights that will help you right where you are in your journey.

Practitioners at Infinite Healing and Wellness provide comprehensive treatment to address various mental health care concerns. From intake to treatment completion our clients feel that they are valued, become empowered and know they are cared for by the clinicians who practice here.

Phoenix Team

Support Team

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