Q: How do I choose the right EMDR Therapist?

A: Here is a short video for some tips on how to choose a provider. How to Choose an EMDR Therapist

There is a recap of the questions and answers found below!


Q: How do I find an EMDR Therapist in my area?

My first recommendation would be to see if you can find a provider here (Our EMDR Consultants – EMDR Trained by Deany Laliotis (emdrtherapy.com) that can work with you. If they can’t, ask if they know someone personally that they would recommend to their own family member.


If you don’t have any luck at The Center for Excellence in EMDR Therapy, you can search for a provider at the link below using your zip code. First try to find an Approved Consultant. If you can’t find one in the area, you can search for a Certified Therapist. If there is no one Certified, you can select a basic trained provider.



Q: How do I know if they are a Daring Way Certified Therapist?

A: You can then cross reference them to see if they are a Daring Way Certified Therapist which would be my first choice, but certainly not necessary! You can look in the link below refining your search based on trauma specialty and zip code.


Below are some great questions to ask your potential EMDR Therapist


Q: Do you use EMDR Therapy as a tool or do you see it as a theory?

A: EMDR Therapy is based on the AIP (Adaptive Information Processing) Theory. It is an all-encompassing psychotherapeutic approach that incorporates many modalities such as Mindfulness and Somatic Modalities.


Q: Can EMDR Therapy work if I don’t know or don’t think I have any trauma?

A: Absolutely, symptoms like Anxiety and Depression are just prolonged responses to unresolved distress.


Q: Do you know how to process things that happened before I can remember or things from my generational story?

A: EMDR Therapy works to process all sorts of things, even if we can’t remember. We just trust the body since it holds all cellular information, and we use that along with specific protocols to address emotional “stuff” even if we can’t remember!


Q: Do you get regular consultation?

A: It’s important to get consultation no matter what stage of learning or experience we have.


Q: Do you get therapy yourself?

A: Yes! I either have in the past or currently do so! It’s important for me to be responsible with my own work so that I can do a better job for you!