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Meditation, Resolutions and the Pumpkin Toadlet

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

It’s a new yeartime to make resolutions, and a time when we talk about changing things in our lives.

Common resolutions include losing weight, going to the gym, spending less time on the phone, meditating, working harder, working less, slowing down, doing more and a gazillion other things. It would make sense for me to share with you all the reasons we make or break resolutions, but I would rather introduce you to an amazing creature with the cutest name. Please meet the Pumpkin Toadlet.

This little one is about the size of a Skittle. What you may not know is by being so small, the Pumpkin Toadlet has a “little” issue. Please raise your hand if you might have a little issue or two yourself. We all have in our inner ears what is known as a vestibular system. The vestibular system does several things and importantly it helps us to balance. Due to its small size the Pumpkin Toadlet has a very tiny vestibular system which doesn’t work the way a fully formed vestibular system works. So, the Pumpkin Toadlet has a hopping problem. It can take off just fine but in midair, where our systems would help us, course correct to nail a landing, or at least land on our feet, the Pumpkin Toadlet’s doesn’t do that. Here’s a link to a video from the Florida Museum showing what happens when a Pumpkin Toadlet jumps. (35) Why can't these frogs jump? - YouTube. The toadlet is okay after the “landing” and will jump again when it needs to.

Okay, so what does this have to do the meditation and resolutions? A whole lot, actually. First, I’m going to use the word intentions instead of resolution. Why? Because when we set intentions for ourselves, we have more compassion if we don’t follow through. When we don’t follow through on resolutions there can be a lot of negative self-talk and judgment. And we feel stress.

It's proven that meditation and mindfulness can reduce stress. A recent study showed that meditation is as effective for anxiety as Lexapro. Read more about it here: To calm anxiety, researchers find meditation as effective as Lexapro : Shots - Health News : NPR.

One thing that often keeps people away from meditation and mindfulness is they aren’t sure what they are. Often people believe they need to clear or empty their minds. Meditation means focusing our minds with acceptance. We are accepting about having thoughts. We are accepting that our nose itches. We are accepting the kids/dog/TV in the other room is loud. We accept these things again and again, without judgment and get back to our focus. In meditation we set our intention to be compassionate with ourselves, to be accepting of ourselves and to reduce our stress and anxiety. Meditation takes setting an intention to meditate. The only bad meditation is the one you don’t do. So, take the leap and start a mediation/mindfulness practice. Is your intention to work smarter or to add healthy movement to your day or even just take time to watch a sunset? You can do it. Keep at it, just like the toadlet.

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